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As a PRINCIPAL, I promise to:

  • promote the development of loyalty and respect for the profession by fulfilling my management and leadership roles to the best of my ability;
  • be punctual, well prepared for, and enthusiastic about my roles as professional leader;
  • strive to be a lifelong learner;
  • encourage and support my staff in their professional development endeavours;
  • actively work to eliminate unprofessional behaviour, such as inappropriate teacher-learner relationships and drunkenness;
  • ensure that all relevant circulars, documents and information are shared with relevant stakeholders as soon as possible;
  • take the required steps to ensure that the PED/District receives all the required information necessary for the timely delivery of resources for learning and teaching;
  • ensure that the PED/District receives all the necessary information to facilitate the prompt filling of vacant posts;
  • monitor teacher attendance;
  • monitor learner attendance and strive to ensure that no child stays out of school unnecessarily;
  • provide information to parents on their children's progress on a regular basis;
  • ensure that the QLTC at my school is implemented to the best of my ability, and to ensure that the significance of the campaign is understood by all role-players but particularly by parents and the local community; and
  • to support the SGB in the performance of its duties.


Documents for Principals

Guidelines on educator initiated transfer
Provincial Registered Examination Centres
Amendments to NSC examination guidelines
How to set up and manage a classroom library
Improving learner performance through increased parental involvement

Additional Information For Principals

Example of a code of conduct for a school
Information guide on initial teacher education
Integration guide book for principal and teachers
National guidelines for school governing body elections
NSNP:Guidelines for Secondary School
Safety in schools