Become a Teacher

Make a difference...Become a teacher

The Department of Basic Education is committed to providing quality education to all learners. South Africans across the country want a better future for all. By choosing to become a teacher, you would be making this vision a reality.


Teaching as a career


Ten good reasons why you should consider teaching as a career of choice:

  • Turn your love of learning into a love of teaching.
  • Make the same difference to a child’s life as your favourite teacher made to yours.
  • Experience the joy of seeing children learn to read, write and count;and set them on a path to success.
  • Mould and shape ordinary children into extraordinary citizens.
  • Share your knowledge and make the world a better place.
  • Help children understand the values that make South Africans strong and proud.
  • Ignite the spark of curiosity in children.
  • Pass on your love of learning and help students discover their potential.
  • See the world through the eyes of a child and learn something in return.
  • Serve children, your community and your country.

Approved initial teacher education programmes/qualifications to be completed at a university


Undergraduate studies 

Undergraduate studies 

Graduate studies 

A four-year Bachelor of 

Education degree

(B.Ed.), specialising in the

Foundation Phase

(Grades R – 3); Intermediate

Phase (Grades 4 – 6);

Senior Phase (Grades 7 –

9); and the Further Education

and Training (FET)

Phase (Grades 10 –12).

A three or four-year Bachelors 

degree, e.g. Bachelor of

Science, Bachelor of Engineering,

Bachelor of Arts,

Bachelor of Computer

Science, Bachelor of Technology,

in fields suitable for admission

to the one-year

programme: Postgraduate 

Certificate in Education 


One-year Postgraduate 

Certificate in Education 

(PGCE) for graduates

whose degrees include

majors that allow admission

to the PGCE.


Funding your studies

You can choose from a range of sources when it comes to funding your studies. These include self-funding; bursaries from government departments – both national and provincial; bursaries from corporate organisations, trusts and the like; as well as taking out a loan.


The Funza Lushaka bursary scheme


The Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme is a multi-year programme that promotes teaching in public schools. Full-cost bursaries are available to enable eligible students to complete a full teaching qualification in an area of national priority. Recipients of these bursaries will be required to teach at a public school for the same number of years that they receive the bursary. For more information go to the Funza Lushaka website.


 Sourced from National Department of Basic Education.