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The Limpopo Department of Education has a head office situated in Polokwane, the heart of Limpopo Province. It consists of five District
and 134 Circuit Offices. It has seven Further Education and Training Colleges and approximately 4015 public ordinary
schools, accommodating over 1 400 000 learners
The Head office consists of 4 branches headed by Senior General Managers, 12 Chief Directorates headed by
General Managers and 33 Directorates headed by Senior Managers. The five Districts are headed by Senior Managers
and FET Colleges are headed by CEO's (Senior Managers)



 Services to Clients will be delivered in line with the following, viz.:


 Excellence: to be result oriented, cost effective, ensure superior performance and strive for client/stakeholder satisfaction;

 Professionalism: carry out work with respect for others rights as enshrined in the Constitution, accountability to authority and responsibility to clients;

 Innovation: introducing or using new ideas or methods in carrying out one’s responsibilities and;

 Integrity: uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles which leads to doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching