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qltc code for parents

As a PARENT, I promise to: 

  • involve myself actively in the activities of the school, including school governance structures;
  • have regular discussions with my children about general school matters;
  • cultivate a healthy, open and cooperative relationship with my children's teachers;
  • create a home environment that is conducive to studying;
  • assist in the protection of educational resources such as textbooks, chairs, tables and other objects; and
  • to contribute, within my means, the necessary resources to the schooling of my children.

Documents For Parents

2014 School Calendar
2014 No FEE School
Previous Question papers and Memos
Examination Timetables
Provincial Registered Examination Centres
Admission to Public School 2014
Enroll your Child at School
School fees
School Governing bodies
Re-issue of national senior certificate

Additional Information For Parents

Application for admission to a registered private Schools
Application for admission to a registered public Schools
Rights and Responsibilities of parents, Learner in public school: Public school policy guide 2005