How  to keep your children safe

Train your child to be cyber smart so that they can recognise potential dangers and know how to avoid threatening situations.

  • Never arrange or agree to any face-to-face meeting with any person they met online;
  • Never post to the Internet, or send to people they do not personally know, any pictures of themselves;
  • Never give out any personal information about themselves, even if the information seems unimportant and innocent, to any person online;
  • Never download pictures from an unknown source since there could be sexually explicit images;
  • Never respond to messages online that are sexually suggestive, obscene, aggressive or harassing;
  • Never believe as true anything that may be said by people online. Remind them that people online are not always who they pretend to be and paedophiles are adept at pretending to be of the same age as your child;
  • Never open email attachments unless they know the person sending them and know what they contain, and
  • Never enter a private chat room.